Friday, May 30, 2014

the small things.

awesome. There are a few things that I want to share:
as of recently I have lost two immediate family members. It has been a long and difficult journey but I just remember that in amongst the lowest of lows, there are still things that are just awesome. Neil Pasricha, who wrote The Book of Awesome, was my inspiration when it came to this post. I want to share some things, no matter how small, that make me happy and grateful.

Here are the first 10 I wrote:

1. when you don’t have a headache anymore. You appreciate feeling normal compared to a dreaded, consuming headache.

2. when you chip your nail polish and then pick all of the rest off. You know the stubborn half a nail that will not budge, which makes a clean nail so much more satisfactory.

3. when you finish a really good book. There is such a satisfaction when you finish a book that leaves you extremely happy.

4. when you start a really good book. When you get to the second or third chapter and already know you have fallen in love.

5. not wanting a really good book to end. There is a bittersweet joy when you love a book enough to never want it to end. Or you are jealous of those who haven’t read it, as they can read it for the first time.

6. rainy days.  So fresh and melancholy. Once in a while you need a rainy day so you can hang out at home, bake, clean and watch movies in bed.

7. rainy days on a Sunday. When you actually get to take full advantage of a rainy day, when it’s on a Sunday. You don’t have any Saturday errands and you can actually take advantage of the rainy day taking place on Sunday.

8. finishing a beauty product. Beauty products generally take so long to use. Unless it’s your Holy Grail product, there is definitely satisfaction in finally finishing a tube of lip gloss or hitting pan on a blush or powder.

9. having a smoothie blend completely on the first time. When you add the perfect amount of liquid and solids.

10. surprise discount at the checkout. When something is on sale and when the teller rings it up it is even cheaper!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

diy: polka dot denim vest.

 So I was watching a Youtube video the other day and the girl in it (Katy, from Hellokatyxo) was wearing the cutest denim vest! She had mentioned that she got it from Forever 21. So I went online and found it! I began thinking, because the vest was $32 CAN (although this is not expensive), that since I had two denim vests already I didn't need another. I did figure however, that one of the vests I own could use a makeover! So I went to Michaels and got some white fabric paint and a medium circular sized sponge dauber (if that is what it's called, its the middle picture below).  I had gotten the vest at the GAP last year on clearance, I paid around $5-6 for it, so I with the paint and other materials the total cost was around $9. Much cheaper than the Forever 21 vest..

 I first gathered the needed materials:
-White fabric paint
-Circle sponge dauber
-Denim vest
-Small disposable cup (for paint)

Right: I used newspaper to make sure I didn't stamp the whole circle on the vest, I wanted the seams to all look different.

I started on the back as a) it seemed easier to start with (less details ie, pockets) and b) if I messed up it was on the back, I figured it was better than the front!

I started stamping in a somewhat randomly organized pattern. I would do one row evenly spaced, then the next row would be in between the row above, if that makes sense.. The pattern is somewhat shown in the left picture above. From a distance it may look disorganized, but there was a system!

Another note is I didn't do the whole vest in one pattern. I looked at the vest on Forever 21 and each piece of fabric that was sown together had its own pattern. Basically the seams didn't line up and I feel that gives it an appearance of not being perfect. As well I just liked the look of this better than the alternative.

Under the collar I decided to use the eraser of a pencil to make the dots smaller and make the collar look a little more unique. When or if I ever had the collar flipped up it would look a little cuter! 

I did the back and the front in two days. I didn't want to rush the drying process so I did one side, let it dry and then did the other side the next day.

Here is the final product! I really like it! The dots on the Forever 21 vest are a little smaller, but I was unable to find a smaller sponge, so I went with this and I love how it turned out!


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

diy: nail polish storage.

The other day (yesterday) I was looking at the masses of nail polish I have accumulated. So in the hopes of finding some sort of organizational system I looked to my friend Pinterest for inspiration - of course. I saw an idea that Lauren Conrad's The Beauty Department had done and decided to try it out! The majority of the time things I see on Pinterest are not as easy as they appear. Somewhat like a rearview mirror, 'objects in mirror are closer than they appear' - is this just me or are 95% of DIY projects extremely tricky. This DIY of course looked relatively simple and with my overage of nail polish I wanted to re-create it. So here is my process!

So I believe on The Beauty Department they used a plain old box and covered it with paper, although this is an idea, I went to Micheal's craft store and purchased a photo box for $2. They have cute floral designs (or plain if you wanted to modge podge, etc). I found this fit in better with my room and looked way more polished.  

Another difference is, they used plain paper and used a circular hole punch. This is a good idea because you get to see the true colors. However for the convenience (and because I couldn't find my circle hole punch) I used these little colored dots. I used the corresponding colors to the best of my ability. For the most part it worked well, with sheer colors and glittery colors I did use a white sticky paper and used a heart punch I had (not pictured). 

 *Just to make sure, I covered two dots with each color, just in case I ruined one..

Although this was the final picture, this was approximately 1/8th of my nail polish collection. So after two boxes I was ready to go. I also liked these boxes as you can throw some clippers and a nail file in there as well. The other feature of a photo box I like is that you can add your little tag to the front!

IT WORKED! I was very happy with the result!


Thursday, November 22, 2012

smash book vs. creative chaos books.

So, apparently I am behind in school work, blogging and pretty much everything else at this point. I am never late, but somehow this year I have fallen behind. I'm going to blame scrapbooking for part of that. All I seem to do is find new things to stick in my Smash book! It is a great way to save mementos and store photos, etc in a somewhat chaotic somewhat stylish way. So when I went to Micheals on my weekly visit I was excited to see another version. Recollections had come out with a Creative Chaos line. Basically a Smash Book idea. So I will now list the things I like about it and the things that I don't!

Creative Chaos Features: -Smaller & Wider (shown below)
-A lot of plain floral pages (this could have just been the version I bought but it was pretty yet basic)
-Colored cover and inside of cover
-It has binder rings, where you can add more pages if you want

 Likes: -Pretty pages
-Colored cover and inside cover

Dislikes: -thickness, its way to short and thick in the binding
-Pages are pretty, but also pretty boring
-It is basic but it is not unique like a Smash book, it is too scrapbook like

So my verdict after studying both is that the Smash book is nicer. I may be biased slightly, however I find the pages are more fun, they have writing and can spark your imagination as to what should be on that page. As well I like that you can't add more pages, the amount it has is great. The smash book has it's pen/glue stick on the side of the book for easy access and adding items on the go.
*Note: This is the Red Smash book, the 'Doodle Style', the Recollections is the 'Sweet Blossoms' version.

So there you have it! In case you were trying oh so hard to decide which to buy!


Monday, August 27, 2012

shoe shopping.

The other day I was feeling kind of down and not that online shopping is a huge problem for me but this deal I just couldn't pass up. I found (and purchased) these five pairs of trendy shoes. The flats, sneakers and sandals are all trends to me so I didn't want to spend a huge amount on high tops, and neon/neutral's so when I scored all of these for $73 including tax and shipping I just had to. I think they will all be a great addition to my wardrobe!
-(all were purchased from spring shoes online)


Saturday, August 18, 2012

latest reads.

So in the summer months as my text books are packed up I generally turn to teen fiction as my summer reading list. Although at 21 sometimes I am a wee bit embarrassed with my book choices, all I can say is when I am not studying and reading cases, I want a little mindless easy reading. Here are my latest reads.
*Also I just wanted to note for some reason that all these books are trilogies [to my knowledge] and [pretty much] dystopian novels.


I read delirium a few months ago but three weeks ago I finished the second book in the trilogy Pandemonium. I really liked the second book. It was possibly my favorite book out of the last four here. It moved from past to present. Each having a great story line; exciting and suspenseful.
Delirium: ★★★★
Pandemonium: ★★★★★


For these books I like the first and second book equally, there is a little more suspense in the second book. Either way they were both great reads! The story can be a little violent and sad but nothing too crazy in that department.
Divergent: ★★★★½
Insurgent: ★★★★½ 


Matched: ★★★★
This book I heard was really good and when I read it I did like it but not as much as some of the other series. I do believe that once I read the second book the first will be better just because it leads up to a lot of stuff and in this series there are cliff hangers, in books which I find frustrating when the next copy isn’t due out for another year [although the second book is already out the third is to be released later this year]. 

The Selection

The Selection: ★★★★
This book was good! It didn’t have a lot of crazy turns and suspense but it was an easy light read. I look forward to the next book, as the first book was a huge cliff hanger ending.

Happy Reading! 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

diy: glitter boots.

So I have wanted to make these glitter boots for a while now.. I saw them here originally, and although I love those shoes, I opted for the more cowboy boot look. Also, I found these boots on Asos for $22, from $80. So I figured I could spend that on a diy project!

-Boots (Asos)
-Glitter (Dollar store)
-Modge Podge (Wal-Mart)
-Aleen's glue (Wal-Mart)
-Painters tape (my garage haha but I'm sure you can find it at Wal-Mart too)

-First I taped off the section of the boot that I wanted to glitter.
-I then mixed a generous amount of glitter with some of the OK to wash glue. It started to turn purple, and I'm not sure if that is normal, since I'm not an avid crafter, but it seemed to work perfectly. After when I was doing touch ups it was easy to see where I was applying it as well.
-I let the boots dry then re-painted where I thought it was missing a little glitter.
-Finally I let the glitter mixture dry.
-Then I used the Jewel it glue to create a top coat.
-Once dry, I sprayed the whole boot with some all weather spray to help with the elements.

*Now I have seen many diy's where people use all of the glues/adhesives I have listed above. I didn't use the Modge Podge in the end, but there is no reason why it wouldn't work! 

I'm off to work [in my new boots!]